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How To Play Mobile Craps

Craps have been popular for a very long time. This game has been played in the streets as well as in casinos because of its low difficulty and the little equipment that ineeded. Craps are more linked to luck and a bit of skill and so anyone can play. Due to the popularity of the game, a lot of game companies made mobile versions for players to enjoy on the go. Mobile games are also popular because they can be played anywhere and even beginners can play without feeling embarrassed. People can also choose to play against friends or strangers.

Craps on the Go

Craps is a game that involves dice. The game is played by rolling dice on the table. Some might use their skill to make sure they can manipulate the outcome of the throw, but most tend to throw and leave the rest to lady luck. The same concept has been adopted in apps and mobile games. There is an avatar that represents the player. The player can control the avatar and play as if they were actually in an actual casino. The mobile games are now advanced and so they try to make the user experience as real and accurate as possible.

Craps on Android OS

When it comes to mobile phones there are a lot of operating systems but very few are popular and compatible with most apps out there. One of the leading operating systems is Android and it is reported that this system has that has at least two billion active users worldwide and over two million apps on the Playstore. Due to the overwhelming success of Android, a lot of game companies have made an effort to make their games available on android so that they multiply their users. There are many versions of Craps available on Android for users to pick from.

Games on iOS

One of the best-told stories of triumph has to be the story of David and Goliath. Who David is and who Goliath is in the story between Android and iOS is not really clear as there are varying views that seem to be supported by facts and figures. What is clear is that iOS is ranked 2nd when it comes to users but is most profitable. A lot of game creators have their apps in android and in iOS to cater to both markets. The ones with high-end games that are more expensive tend to create their games for iOS because that market can afford and the system can handle graphics etc.

Playing Craps on Tablet

The tablet has become a much-needed device in recent years. This is because of the size and functionality. Most tablets can perform the same functions as a laptop and they are not as bulky. A tablet becomes handy because it has a way bigger screen and is portable. It is for this reason that some gamers choose to play games such as Craps on a tablet because of the bigger display which does not put a strain on the eyes. Playing Craps on a tablet also helps to preserve the much-needed power on a smartphone or laptop.

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