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How To Play Craps

Learning some tips for playing craps is not as challenging as some people think. Some people are driven away from taking part in this game since they think it is complicated. But that is not the case. Although there are many things to learn about craps, it will not be necessary to study everything. Players may concentrate on the simple and basic ones. Moreover, it would be prudent to comprehend how to play this type of game. So, gamblers need to comprehend everything about craps, including the betting layouts, basic rules, the table, and its objective at large.

The Objective of This Game

Like other games, craps also have the main objective. But the goal is very straightforward. Technically, gamblers bet on this game depending on the results of rolling dice twice or so. After all, this is a game of chance because players will not interfere with the results. However, they have the option of having a few wagers.

Most of these bets are based on the dice that would be tossed or rolled. Therefore, the objective of craps is to predict the numbers that will come in the next toss. Though this is entirely based on guesswork, this does not prevent gamblers from having fun of their lifetime.

The Table in Craps

This game takes place in a unique table that comes with an exclusive betting layout. With a good design, players may place bets. In addition, dices are rolled by players who are regarded as shooters. Mostly, new players play the role of rolling dices. Any player, including a shooter, may place bets in the correct spot. But gamblers need to note that this game will need the attention of a few casino employees, such as the following:

  • Base dealers
  • Stickman
  • Boxman

Moreover, bettors need to understand that the game features base dealers. They play the role of paying winners and collecting lost bets.

Rules in This Game

Every round in this game begins with the come-out roll. Many casinos expect shooters to place bets before taking part in the rolling process. If the value of two different dices equals 12, 3, or 2, then this would be crapping out. At this point, gamblers will lose their bets. But if the turnout is 11 or 7, the round would be over.

Moreover, shooters will continue rolling dices for different players until the outcome becomes seven. This is a standard routine for shooters to pass dices to different players. What makes this game interesting is that gamblers can place various bets.

The Game for Beginners

It is high time people change their notion that craps game is challenging to understand. Mostly, starters are intimated by terms, different bets, and numbers in this game. Moreover, complicated tables can also intimidate players in various ways. But if beginners get to understand everything about this game, then things will inevitably change.

Basically, a craps game is one of the most accessible playoffs that players can be part of. A few guidelines will be enough to make people become top-notch gamblers. Once gamblers learn the basics, then everything would be quite straightforward. So, every beginner needs to understand the rules and everything about the game before getting started.


Basic strategy

This is an excellent strategy for beginners. One has to invest time in learning all they can learn about craps if they want to improve their skills. Understanding that the rolling of two dice determines the outcome of the game is critical, and they can fall in very different ways. The odds of one bet are dissimilar from that of another. There can be up to eight players at a single craps table, and all of them are allowed to bet on every game. When playing craps in a physical casino, one will notice the staff surrounding their table, including the boxman who handles all the money and supervises the entire game.

Try Out Free Games Online

There is no harm in practicing with free craps games at online casinos. There are plenty of them, and anyone can play them from the comfort of their homes. Among the many convenient things about playing online is that one does not have to risk any of their money, yet they still get to enjoy themselves. Additionally, they are allowed to try out many games, and this offers the opportunity to learn and understand more about craps. Players should ensure that they go for quality online casinos that offer fantastic features meant to improve their experiences.

Bets in the Table's Center Are Not Ideal

Anyone who has been playing craps for some time will agree that steering clear of bets in the middlemost area of the craps table is convenient. People should always bear in mind that while some wagers come with fantastic odds, most of them have bad ones. The house edge should enable a player to determine whether a bet is good or not. For many bets at the craps table's middle, it is almost always between 2.78% and 16.67%. This means that all of them can quickly bring about tragic outcomes. Why not just stay away from them and go for the pass & don't pass bets?

Placing the 6 and 8

A lot of experienced craps players use this strategy every time they play. With it, one doesn't have to depend on the shooter to choose a point. Instead, they select their own numbers. Apart from 7, most players love working with 6 and 8. Rolling the numbers comes with a house edge of 1.52%, which is higher than on come, pass, don't come and don't pass, although lower than a lot of other bets in casinos. The advantage of playing 6 and 8 is that one has a considerably lower house edge, plus it is impossible to be stuck with less commonly established points like 4 and 10.

Go for the Easy-to-Comprehend Bets

Craps players are always advised to go for the bets that they can easily understand. Complicated is not always the way to go, regardless of the experience that one has under their belt. The pass and don't pass bets are some of the common bets in casinos, and the estimated house edge for the two is 1.41% and 1.36%, respectively. They can pay money, and sometimes the anxiety can be overwhelming. Still, even if they don't bring about a lot of thrill, they are better than most other bets because of their conveniently low house edge.

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Craps can be simple and complicated at the same time. The confusing part of it comes because the player has to place different types of bets. Its simplicity is because gamblers only bet on a roll of two dice. The number of bets in this game can be overwhelming, but the good news is that players don't have to memorize each one of them. There are a handful of prevalent crap bets that gamers need to understand. Such bets include Pass Line and Don't Pass Line, the odds bet, and finally, the Come and Don't Come wagers. Here is a detailed analysis of what each bet comprises of.

Pass Line and Don't Pass

A shooter can place either a Don't Pass or Pass Line bet before making their come-out roll. Some casinos ask players to make these types of bets before they are allowed to make others. A player places a Pass Line bet before a come-out roll, and it will pay even money if it wins. The player wins if the come-out roll's value is 7 or 11 and will lose if the value is 2, 3, or 12. With a Don't Pass bet, wins occur if the come-out roll value is 2, or 3, and loses if it's 7 or 11. It results in a push if the value is 12.

Come and Don't Come

These wagers look the same as the Pass and Don't Pass Line bets, but the two differ in the way they are placed. Come and Don't Come bets are placed after the point has been established. The first roll after a player places this will determine the number to be used as the wager's point. The Come bet wins for any number rolls before 7 and loses if it rolls after 7. The Don't Come wager is the opposite of this, as the player wins if 7 rolls first and loses if the point comes after 7.

Odds Wagers

The odds are other popular craps bets that players must understand. These bets look like side bets that are made after establishing the points. Generally, these are extensions of the four bets coming in four different types. They include the Pass Line Odds, Don't Pass Odds, Come Odds, and Don't Pass Odds. When placing a Pass Line Odds bet, it should complement the pass line according to the fixed point. The winnings pay out if rolled below 7, and the payout is in true odds. Don't Pass Odds complements the Don't Pass Line bet and pay if a 7 is rolled before the point, and the bets are settled in true odds.

Place Win and Place Lose

Players wager Place Wins after a come-out roll after the point is established. They take any number, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Players win if any number they choose rolls before 7, and the payout varies with the selected number. Place Lose is the opposite of this, and a player can take the same choice of numbers. The player wins if the number chosen rolls after a 7. On this, the payout also varies depending on the selected number. There are many other types of craps bets, but the mentioned four are the most important and easiest to understand.

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How to win

Like in any other casino game, to win in craps calls for strategy and discipline. One thing players should always have at the back of their mind is that each crap bet will always have a house edge, and there is pretty nothing much that can be done to undo this. This, however, hasn't stopped people from winning. Using dice control and keeping pass and come bets at a minimum is one of the best ways to win at this game. Some people also win by just keeping their original table bets at a bare minimum and continue wagering using the odds.

Ultimate Strategy for Winning in Craps

Forget all the myths being peddled about craps and follow the rules of the game, the rest will be history. Before placing a wager, it is good to go through the rule book and understand the mathematical probability of different bets, this way, one can guess which ones are likely to win. Since craps is purely a game of chance, this means the outcome is solely based on how the dice rolls and there is usually no strategy on how the dice rolls or even the number they rest on. There are narratives out there on how the dice rolls, believing in them, can be disastrous.

What Next After Understanding the Rules?

Once the rules and terminologies are understood, the next step is identifying the best strategy. For instance, when one is playing the pass line, this means there are other players involved, which is not a bad thing. Mainly, the pass line strategy presents better chances of winning as well as payouts. Playing pass odds, on the other hand, puts players at an advantage as the house edge on this is very minimal. After the pass bet turns into a point bet, this presents an opportunity to place a come bet, which can be a great chance to win.

Odds on Crap Bets

Of course, different bets have different odds. It is always advisable to understand how much one could probably get paid for certain bets before making a decision on the best bet to go for. The amounts always correspond to the chance of the result happening. To win, it is not always a requirement to understand all the bets, especially when one is a beginner. To win at craps, knowing the odds and how each bet works is paramount as every move a player makes is based on how well they understand the two. Navigating the table becomes easy when all this is clear.

Tips to Win in Craps

Picking the right bet is the ultimate secret to winning, of course. The first tip is choosing either the pass/don't pass or come/ don't come bets. These bets have a lower house advantage. The other bets that place you at an advantage point include the Place 6, the Place 8, the Field 2, the Field 12. It is also a great idea to check what other punters are betting on before starting. Going for bets with minimum house advantage of around 1.41 percent raises the chance of winning. Also, it is always good to avoid prop bets and stick to lay and place bets.

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Craps is one of the best casino games in regard to betting variety. The craps table has lots of wagers, which allow players to combine bets for any exciting play. The game can be a bit confusing for beginners but, with the right information, it becomes easier.

Both online and live crap follows the same concept. Craps is one of the casino games with the least house edge. Players should invest adequate time in understanding odds in craps to increasing their chances of winning. Odds refer to the probability of an event happening. For example, if an event has odds of 1:1, it means the possibility of happening is 50%.

House edge in craps

House edge in craps varies on the specific bet, but typically, the game is among casino games with the lowest house edge. Interestingly, some bets in craps have zero house edge with others going up to 16.67%. House edge refers to the ratio of the player’s loss to the initial wager.

Regardless of the bet, the probability of winning diminishes with the length of the game. Although any player can win the game, players shouldn’t try recovering lost money in bets. This may lead to further losses. Craps has various kinds of bets. Some involve one roll while others resolve in several rolls.

The Best Odds in Craps

Bets with the lowest house edge in craps are the best. Fortunately, they are also the simplest best a player can make. They include the come bet, the pass bet, the don’t come bet, the don’t pass bet, laying odds and taking odds.

Both come, and pass bets attract a house edge of 1.41%. As for the don’t come and they don’t pass bets, the house edge is 1.36%. Take odds and lay odds bets payout at true odds meaning the house edge is zero. This makes them the best crap bets. But the player must start with a pass or don’t pass bet.

The Worst Odds in Craps

The complicated bets in craps are the worst; they have the highest house edge meaning it’s staggering. An example is the proposition bets. The craps table has many of these, such as the big 8 and big 6 bets, which have a house edge of 9.09%.

Harway bets also fall in this category, with a house edge of 11.11% or 9.09% based on the hard total the player is wagering on. Any seven bets is also a bad bet with a house edge of 16.67%. The player needs to gather adequate information about best and worst bets before placing a wager on craps bet.

The Odds

Craps has 36 possible combinations. Since craps involve rolling a pair of dice, the chance of rolling a particular number relies on the die combinations that are equal to the number. For example, you can only get two by rolling two 1s, but to get a 4 you can roll either two 2s or a 1 & a 3.

This means the player has a double chance of rolling a 3 when compared to a 2. Seven is regarded as the magic number in craps since it’s the number with the highest likelihood to come up beside it has the highest number of combinations.

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Craps can be a bit hectic to beginners because a lot of actions are taken at once and bets can be places at any given point. Knowing a couple of bets goes a long way but understanding the potential betting scenarios is even more fun. The idea of the game is to bet on the results of two rolled dices. Being a game of pure chance, it is not easy to alter the outcomes. However, the game offers a number of ways to wager. Most of the wagers depend on the dice combination that is rolled. So the player tries to predict that numbers that will appear in subsequent rolls.

The First Round

The first round of craps is referred to as come-out roll. In most casinos, the shooter makes a Pass bet or the Don’t Pass bet. Pass line bets are the winning factors while the Don’t Pass bets are the losing factors. The outcome numbers 2, 3, and 12 become a loss on the pass bet and the round comes to an end in what is known as “crapping out.” The pass bet wins when the outcome is 7 or 11. In some game variations, number 12 represents a tie that ends the round and the bet returns to the player. Outcomes 4,5,6,8,9,and 10 are considered the point numbers.

How the Pass, Don’t Pass and Come Bets Operate

Understanding the type of bet to make and when to make is critical to playing the game. The first bet is known as the Pass which as bee explained above in the come-out roll section. It is possible to put extra money down behind the pass bet but there will be no house edge. When the player puts additional money for a Don’t Pass Bet, then they are laying the odds. Then there is the Come bet that works in a similar way as the pass bet but can also be used for another roll during the cycle.

Don’t Come, Field, and Place Bets

The Don’t Come bet is synonymous with the Don’t Pass bet and can be made at any given time except during the first roll. It is the opposite of the Come bet. The Field bet allows the players to roll different dices as winning outcomes. Generally, the player wins if the outcome of the next roll is 3,4,9,10, or 11. Numbers 2 and 12 wins double or triple the bet. Other outcome numbers represent a loss. The Place bet in Craps is represented by numbers 4,5,6,8, and 10. The player bets that one of these outcomes will roll before a 7.

Hardway Bets

When players stake on hard numbers like 8, it means they are wagering for a specific number to appear. The caveat here is that the number should be divisible by 2. For instance, the outcome 8 can be made by 5 different sums. But a pair of 4s becomes a Hardway Bet. When it comes to Craps payouts, players are expected to understand winnings before figuring out what bet to place. The numbers that roll out are totally out of the player’s control because this is a game of chance. If the player bets that the big 8 and big 6 will roll out next, the only expected pay is 1:1.

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