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Maximise Your Craps Winnings

Like in any other casino game, to win in craps calls for strategy and discipline. One thing players should always have at the back of their mind is that each crap bet will always have a house edge, and there is pretty nothing much that can be done to undo this. This, however, hasn't stopped people from winning. Using dice control and keeping pass and come bets at a minimum is one of the best ways to win at this game. Some people also win by just keeping their original table bets at a bare minimum and continue wagering using the odds.

Ultimate Strategy for Winning in Craps

Forget all the myths being peddled about craps and follow the rules of the game, the rest will be history. Before placing a wager, it is good to go through the rule book and understand the mathematical probability of different bets, this way, one can guess which ones are likely to win. Since craps is purely a game of chance, this means the outcome is solely based on how the dice rolls and there is usually no strategy on how the dice rolls or even the number they rest on. There are narratives out there on how the dice rolls, believing in them, can be disastrous.

What Next After Understanding the Rules?

Once the rules and terminologies are understood, the next step is identifying the best strategy. For instance, when one is playing the pass line, this means there are other players involved, which is not a bad thing. Mainly, the pass line strategy presents better chances of winning as well as payouts. Playing pass odds, on the other hand, puts players at an advantage as the house edge on this is very minimal. After the pass bet turns into a point bet, this presents an opportunity to place a come bet, which can be a great chance to win.

Odds on Crap Bets

Of course, different bets have different odds. It is always advisable to understand how much one could probably get paid for certain bets before making a decision on the best bet to go for. The amounts always correspond to the chance of the result happening. To win, it is not always a requirement to understand all the bets, especially when one is a beginner. To win at craps, knowing the odds and how each bet works is paramount as every move a player makes is based on how well they understand the two. Navigating the table becomes easy when all this is clear.

Tips to Win in Craps

Picking the right bet is the ultimate secret to winning, of course. The first tip is choosing either the pass/don't pass or come/ don't come bets. These bets have a lower house advantage. The other bets that place you at an advantage point include the Place 6, the Place 8, the Field 2, the Field 12. It is also a great idea to check what other punters are betting on before starting. Going for bets with minimum house advantage of around 1.41 percent raises the chance of winning. Also, it is always good to avoid prop bets and stick to lay and place bets.


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